DublinJS August meetup kata

I’m doing a kata for this month’s meetup of Javascript Dublin group and my choice is Roman Numerals. It’s simple enough and it also demos some interesting transformations of the code during the whole TDD process (if you stick to the mantra of “write the simplest possible thing”). I found that I could also put some of the new ES5 features into practice: Object.keys(), Array.prototype.forEach() and Array.prototype.reduce().

The Coding Dojo page for this kata also has a video of it performed in Ruby. There’s also a link to a video of it in Excel, but as much as it sounds good, it’s just building a VB macro…

You can find my code on GitHub. I have also prepared a walk through on how I arrived at my solution (txt is the new ppt!)

The previous kata sessions used Jasmine – and it works just fine – but I chose to do things with YUI Test. If you feel like it – I prepared a skeleton for the project. Note that it loads YUI from Yahoo’s CDN, so make sure you’re online (or update the harness.html).

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